• Our cancelation policy states that you must cancel or change your reservation before two weeks of your pickup date. If you cancel inside of this two-week period, you will forfeit your entire rental rate. We do not give refunds due to weather.

• When you pick up the boat, it is your responsibility to notify the dock attendant the maximum occupants that will be on the boat for the duration of the rental. You must notify them how many children under 30 pounds, 30-50 pounds and under 14s, so we can supply the appropriate life jackets. You cannot exceed the stated capacity on the boat, as this will lead to overloading the boat, causing performance issues and may lead to you receiving a ticket from DNR.

• You are responsible for any damage that occurs while the boat is in your care, this includes scratches caused by not tying the boat properly at the dock.

• You can only use towing equipment (i.e. tubes, wakeboards, skis) rented from Lake Life Boat Rentals. This is due to insurance stipulations. We can not give you a tow rope if you do not rent your accessory through us.

• The boats are sent out with a full tank of gas. We expect the boats to be returned with a full tank and boats must be gassed up at our gas docks, which is located a mile up the cove on the Deep Creek Drive side of the lake. We ask that customers fill up here because we have additives in our fuel that counteract the negative effects of ethanol in the fuel.

• It is your responsibility to make sure that the boat is loaded properly, this means evenly distributing the weight in the boat, including the bow on the ski boats.
Only two drivers are allowed per boat and both drivers must sign the contract. Keep in mind the amount of people on your boat at all times. If you have more people onboard than the capacity allows, you may get a fine that you are responsible for.

• Even in instances where an attendant is helping you dock the boat, it is your responsibility to make sure the boat is secured and tied up properly. You are also responsible for any damage that may occur while the attendant is helping you.

• Prop Damage Policy: Prop damage can happen in a number of ways. It is extremely probable that you will not feel or hear the prop damage when it occurs from minor strikes with submerged objects, such as rocks, branches, or sticks. If you feel or hear something, the prop damage is more likely to be severe and you should notify us immediately to avoid damage from continued operation, which could take a little problem and make it a big one. If you get a rope or tie line wrapped around the propeller, it is very likely one or more of the blades will be bent which is generally not visible to the naked eye. If this occurs, you need to bring the boat back immediately, so we can check the extent of the damage. This is also important so that you do not create a bigger problem by operating the boat with the props out of balance.

• Pet Policy: We do allow pets on board the boats, but you will likely be charged a cleaning fee if the boat is returned dirty (i.e. pet hair in the vessel). There is also a increased likelihood of damage (i.e. pet claws may tear the vinyl seats on the boats). To avoid this, please place a towel or something similar on the seats, or have the animals remain on the floor.

• Radio Policy: All boats are equipped with radios. We try to keep them in service at all times, but we cannot guarantee they will be operational. This is because of the tumultuous relationship that water and electronics have. The biggest reason for radio malfunction is the previous renter failing to cover the boat while it is in their care. We cover the boats every night that they are at our docks to try to combat this problem.

• Anchor Policy: Our rental boats are not equipped with anchors. We strongly recommend against using them, because Deep Creek Lake does not have a current (which means the water is not constantly in motion, the only force acting on it is the wind) and the anchors have a tendency to result in damage from misuse. We ask that the renter to keep in mind that anchors put them at an increased risk of rental damage including, but not limited to: rips/tears in the vinyl, broken seats and cleaning fees caused by bringing the anchor in the boat without cleaning it off first.